3D modeling is a very multi-faceted career that can involve working for a large variety of industries. While many associate 3D with computer animation and film-making, this is only one option that a 3D modeler may pursue. In fact, they can work for architecture firms, the health care industry, laboratories, product design, the automotive industry, manufacturing and many others. This is because 3D modeling has become extremely popular in the recent years, since it gives the opportunity to test concept art in a more realistic environment.

While a lot of fun, this can also be an extremely demanding career. You need both creativity and well-honed technique in order to be a successful 3D modeler. Professionals in this field work with complex designs and software in order to produce the models; however, they also need to have vision and be able to work as part of a team and production line. Many choose to work for larger companies, yet others go into freelancing and consult on specific projects, usually within the industry of their specialization.

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