Greetings from Academy of Digital Arts

Congratulations on the path for Opting to Graduate to be a MASS Media / Mass Communication Student but questions need to be asked whether the Syllabus or the Path which you have taken is enough to be Successful in this Ever Evolving Media and Entertainment Industry. There is absolutely NO DOUBT about the Potential of the Industry but the Three years which You have Given as a Student will be Enough? Let me Start with a Few Questions

1) There are lacs of Students which are coming out with a Mass Media Degree from Universities of INDIA Every year .How are You different from the LOT? Even Your classmates have the same Degree which You are carrying .How are You different from them?

2)Why Would any Company Prefer You over other Candidates? They all Carry the Same University Degrees !What Extra have you Got?

3) Do you have any knowledge about the Upcoming Trends in the Media and Entertainment Industry? e.g augmented Realty,4D,Digital Marketing etc.

4) We all Know Industry Changes and Grows Very Fast and acquiring Knowledge only about Syllabus Is Not enough, What additional Skills You Possess?

5) Half the passed Out Students also Don’t Know much about the Industry and about where they FIT In .How Updated are you?

6) Half or the Skills are Imparted Outside the Formal Education System and Placed by PRIVATE Institutes after taking a Much Larger Share of Time and MONEY. Then why are this Skills not Provided in Colleges?

7) Coming back to Colleges The Students are Not Looking Beyond “Attendance “So What is the Solutions to this attitude of Students

8) Are teachers Ready to Upgrade Themselves with the Necessary Skills and Ready to Deliver that to Students.

9) If Teachers are Ready to Upgrade themselves from where they will Get INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE which can be delivered Only by Industry Experience and Case Studies.

10) Do Colleges have the Infrastructure to Support the Students Learning?

11) If Everything Falls in Place the University gives Professors and Faculties Only 5 Months ( Minus the Festive
Holidays)to Complete University Syllabus ,Do You think it is Enough to Teach You a Skill which Generally takes more than Years of Specialization

12) Does The Syllabus Help us to Design a Portfolio which is demanded by every Employer During an Interview? if not what is the alternative.

13) From a Students Perspective Can Every Student afford to Take Extra Skill Courses or Vocational Courses for Skill Development by this So Called Vocational Training Institutes.

14)This Courses Designed By So Called Experts Come with a Package of NOT Required SKILLS ALSO And will make You pay your Time and Money for things which are not required? For.e.g Learning VFX package also offers 3d Max and 2d Animation packages which are not required! They are also designed in keeping their mind There Corporate Profit Not Only Student Requirements

15) If a Short Term Course of Eight Months Can solve a problem why recommend a Course for Three years?

16) Certifications are the least demanded factor in this Creative Industry SKILLS AND PORTFOLIO are given more prominence Than Why Not Focus on SKILLS for that Specific Sector.

We are Trying to Find a Solution to This Problems (Have Almost Got It)but Let me Open the Debate for More Constructive Suggestions so that I can Design something for the Benefits for the Students and Let us Not wait for a Change in Education System or Syllabus and take the Future in Our hands as the Most Affected Person by this System is the Students Career Himself !
Let us join Together on a Platform where we can actively participate in activities related to the Industry and Help share Insights and Knowledge regarding the Industry and upcoming opportunities.

We would Love to have Feedback from You MASS MEDIA Students as you are the Sole reason to initiate this Debate and Would Love Your Feedback and Invite You to be a Part of the Solution to this Problem
We Appreciate and Await Your Feedback!

Bhaven Shah
CEO Founder
(Academy of Digital Arts)