At present the economy is the major issue not only for the country but also for the world. As we know there was a huge recession in past days in our world economy. The result was increasing number of jobless people. So a havoc of uncertainty arises so much that the youth today wants a secure job. A job which gives them not only a secure future but also makes their present healthy and happy by all means.

Career in Banking Sector
Today there are many options from which youth are opting as their career. Curiosity of making career in banking sector has reached to very high level. If we rated it fast growing sector just after IT sector then it is a no lie. No doubt it is a good option for you too if you are seeking a sector where you can see your growth by a good graph line. Here we are to help you by giving step by step guidance for how to make career in banking sector. There you go-

1. Judge Your Potentials-

First judge your potentials for this field. Banking sector is known for quick mathematical calculations and for quick decision making as it is the money matter and trust me it is the basic requirement. Because when you will fight for its competitive exam if you are not good at it then you will find it tough.

2. Make A Prep Strategy-

If you are going for this field then make prep strategy before your graduation completes. Go and find the people around you who are already working in this field. Review their talks. Be aware with the economic and financial news, it will help you later. Make a command in English.

3. Qualifications-

The biggest advantage of banking sector is that anyone whether she/he from whichever stream (Science, Commerce and Arts) can apply for it. But you have to complete your graduation. Your age should be at least 20-28 years. You must have studied computers as a subject at your school.

4. Pattern of Exam-

As for doing a job in this field you have to face competitive exam like IBPS CWE or SBI and its associates or any other bank. You should have knowledge about the pattern of the exam. The exam contains these sections-

Quantitative aptitude
English Comprehensive
General Knowledge
Descriptive exam (only for PO)
Descriptive exam will be held only in English language and have Essay writer, Letter, Precis, Paragraph and Comprehensive passage. This will score 50 marks.

Each section contains questions around 40- 50 and you will be given 2 hours to solve it. However the descriptive part follows after the first phase and one hour will be given for this phase. For clearing the exam you have to clear the individual cut offs of each section. Exam will be followed by the interview and GD. After clearing the exam and the interview your name will be shortlisted for joining the banking sector.

5. Coaching Center-

Well everyone’s intellectual level is different and those days are gone when having coaching showed your weakness. Similarly, for fighting banks exam you have to choose one good coaching center. First search a coaching center with good teaching staffs, which works on the weaknesses of the student, gives proper guidance and is not money minded. Proper guidance is very crucial for any competitive exam. The teacher will lead you to the final selection.

6. Business Schools-

There are many business schools which offer diploma or course for banking sector like Baroda Manipal School of Banking. You can also join these schools by clearing their exam. The course follows the training session. The fee structure is different of each school.

7. Practice-

Whether it is a coaching centre or business school all will need your practice on the thing which they teaching you. The practice will sharp your edges so you can make through the exam without any difficulties. As this is the era of competition and each year lakh of candidates join in then only practice can save you.

8. Hard Work, Patience and Don’t Lose Hope-

As we know it is a competitive exam so you have to work hard honestly. Sometimes success comes a little late that causes frustration and depression. But you have to keep patience. Do your regular hard work. If you need break to regain your energy then go for it. Because many times you need to find out what is important for you. So, don’t lose hope just carry on your hard work.

9. Salary-

The banking sector is a demanding sector because it salary is quite good. Clerical grade average monthly salary is around 18000. While Officer grade average monthly salary is around 25000. There are also other facilities you can enjoy after joining. The salary amount and the facilities depend in which bank you are working. SBI and its associates have very good salary.

10. Social Perspective-

Youth is opting this sector because it is a secure sector. If you find a job in govt bank then your future is so much safe and secure. Your growth in each aspects flourishes. In banks you will deal with the public so your social interaction and intellectual level both will increase. People respect bank employees. They have a mark of standard in their society and because this is a service sector so you will feel privileged to be a part of banking field.

11. Risky and Hectic Schedule-

Well each thing have pros and cons then how can banking sector be different. As you have to deal with money transactions a little carelessness can be harmful you. So it’s kind of risky work. Secondly, sometimes the work load gets higher especially during the starting and ending of the months and during ending of the financial year. So if you want to go in this field be ready to face these things