Mantra for Success
Again this is the Time when the academic year is about to start for some and Start of Career for Many, I am again being asked the same question by students “Which Career has more money to make so that I can choose to Start a Career in that Particular Field?”But today rather than suggesting some careers and Industries, Let me Highlight a Valid Point and Share the Mantra for Success which can Be achieved in any Field you select for Career as It Stands true for any skill or Profession you choose. Let us discuss the tools or rather I would say the temperament which is needed to be successful.
Most of the Skills which you may choose will give a Start to a Career and will Land you a Job with a Basic Salary which may in the range of 10000/- Rs or 50k. It will provide you with a steady Income from where it can be converted to “RICHES” with a proper mindset.
The Guru mantra to Success in Life is Just one Word if you can Implement it in a disciplined way, It has worked for me and it will definitely work for you too. The sure shot Mantra Word for Success is “INVESTING” or “LEARNING TO INVEST”.
I know most of them might think that we Don’t have money to INVEST so how do we INVEST? Let me first tell you that I am NOT discussing “MONEY” over here for a START. We will take that up on a later stage. There are different types of Investments a Person has to make during his Lifetime to be a success. This is one of my favorite line which I always quote that The Best Investment a Person can make is in INVESTING IN HIMSELF that is also the Safest Bet. Isn’t it? Now what does that mean?
The First Investment which one should Start is “SELF GROWTH or SELF DEVELOPMENT “.Investing your TIME in Activities that will help you with SELF GROWTH. Now let us discuss these activities which one should undertake. The FIRST basic activity which one has to undertake is to undergo a change in habits and get ready for a continuous learning process. In today’s generation and more rather during this LOCKDOWN also I found that not many Students have the Habit of READING and have binged on NETFLIX or AMAZON or various other platforms which have not provided them with adequate fodder which is required by the Brains. Rather than using this time to Develop the Mind with some SELF DEVELOPMENT Books from Great Authors which was NEEDED they have binged on Movies rather than Indulging in some serious Books. Tell me Between a Binge of NETFLIX Session or Trying to Know More about Minds of Great People or BUSINESS Personalities through Books what Would Be Better for Mind?. Because as they Say even adequate fodder is required by the brain as the same is also required by the Stomach to keep going. We all know that “Knowledge is POWER”. But I believe Knowledge is Power if implemented correctly or it should be called Potential Power if it is not Implemented, so it has to be garnered first to be implemented to acquire RICHES. Today Students have a Mindset that Says COLLEGE Learning is enough to achieve success which is absolute RUBBISH, as I Mentioned SKILLS will provide you a Safe Secure Job but only investing your time in Productive Activities will give you riches; If Someone is ready for that What knowledge is Required? & What to Read?
I Believe the First Step towards Success and the first Ingredient you need for success is Proper Mindset Which has to be prepared please remember all the Rich & Super Rich are Avid Readers and Have Libraries in their houses. To start the journey for Success you have to prepare Hard. If you plan to Run a Marathon you have to work hard on your fitness first. If you want to buy a High-End Car You have to Learn First to drive it.So I believe Preparation and planning is an important element which you cannot neglect
Other Ingredients which you require are MINDPOWER and things Such as
DESIRE: – The Starting point all Achievements. The will to absolutely pursue the GOALS until they are achieved and continuously follow up until they are achieved irrespective of failures coming in between. Every individual who reaches the Age of Understanding purpose of money wishes for It. Wishing will not bring Riches but desiring riches with a State of mind that becomes an obsession then planning definite ways and means to acquire and backing those plans with persistence which does not recognize failure will bring riches. The method by which desire for riches can be transmuted into its Financial Equivalent consist of definite practical actions. First fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire. It is not sufficient enough to say LOTS of Money. Be definite to the amount (There is a Psychological reason for a definite amount which will trigger the Subconscious Mind that we will discuss on a later date)
Second: – Determine what exactly what services you intend to give in return for the money you desire (there is no such reality as something for nothing)
Thirdly:- Establish a Definite DATE when you need to Posses the Money you desire and Begin at Once, Whether you are ready or not to put the Plan in Action.
Some of the Other Mind Traits which you require are FAITH, SPECIALISED KNOWLEDGE, Imagination, Organized Planning, Decision Making, Persistence, and USE of positive Energy to Channelize growth to Harness the Power of the Subconscious Mind to Acquire RICHES.
Now that you have the Mindset let us understand the Other Necessities that are required to INVEST the Money you required using your skills in the Real World.
As you must have Understand there are two types of Energies to be channeled in the Right Direction for Growth one is MENTAL and other Financial which is acquired using your skills. There are Three Different avenues to Invest.
INVESTING in Own business or Creating your Own Business:- right from Doctors to MBA to Lawyers or any service Providers can start to create their own business and it this is a Path You choose you will have to learn about all the aspects a Business needs e.g. MANAGEMENT Skills, HR, Finance, Accounting, Negotiation Skills, Marketing, Decision Making, Advertising, Sales, etc to successfully run Business and keep honing your own skills to be on the top of the Game.
Secondly investing in various companies through STOCK Market or Financial Investments or taking your own Company Public or through VENTURE CAPITALIST or Investing in gold, Commodities, etc, and Letting the Money Work for You rather than you work for Money. Learn the art of Investing in INVESTMENT MARKETS by taking Informed decisions as Today Stock and other Investment have made money for their Management and Stock Holders, Money beyond everyone else Wildest Dreams, Instead of Fearing from Stock or Investment markets Learn the Art to master It as It would help you to reach your Goal Faster.

Thirdly Investment in Property
Land or Property has always been the Favorite Investment for Many and many are under the Misconception that you require Loads of Money to get Real Estate. It’s a MYTH, You can make money in real estate through your Bankers Money. I would recommend a Series of ROBERT KIYOSAKI books to clear this misconception. Real Estate can be a Risk-Free Investment but Due Diligence must be undertaken Before Jumping in.

Fourth Investment is Your Investment in Health. as it does not need too much of an Explanation as HEALTH is WEALTH.
I can go ON with some more references and there are also other avenues but this is considered more Standard Investment Rather than Going NON-Conventional Way, I would also like to give you some Reference for Books as they can guide you better on your chosen Investment for Wealth Creation.
For Business and Mind Preparation
THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill and “How to Get from Where you are to Where you want to be” by Jack Canfield.
For Stocks and Investments
THE WARREN BUFFET WAY, Buffettology, and Other Books for Warren Buffet. and The Intelligent Investor by Graham bell
Property Related Books
Read the Various Books authored by ROBERT KIYOSAKI,
For Starters this are Books I recommend to my students to take advantage of during this Lockdown to Prepare yourself and Plan your Day so that it becomes a Combination of Various TV shows and also Time is Available for Books for Self Growth at the same time.
To let me know in case you agree to my suggestion or you have your own version of Success I would be happy to hear from you
The Blog might Seem too LONG but Life is too Short for Huge Mistakes so I thought we might as Well Spare time to Set the Journey on a Clear path so that we don’t Drift in the Wrong Direction

Bhaven Shah
( The views and opinions expressed in the Article are Sole of My own and Reference are given from various books mentioned for Proper Guidance but readers may take informed Decisions at their Own Risk)