Softwares Covered
{Autodesk Max, Autodesk Maya, ZBrush, V-Ray, Nuke, Adobe Premier Pro(Basic)}

Cube Program / 3D Production & Visualization

Duration: 12 Months

In this Program student will learn to use 3D Animation tools and concepts such as building Interior/Exteriors, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, digital FX, Walktroughs and character animation to create Visual Art, Short Films, Interior/Exterior Projects and Dazzling Animation Sequences. Cube Program will help you become an expert 3D Animator and master 3D Animation techniques by using the latest software prevalent in the Industry such as Max, Maya, ZBrush, etc

Course Coverage :

  • 1. 3D basics
  • 2. Modeling with 3D
  • 3. Lights, Camera and Materials
  • 4. 3D Motion Graphics & FX
  • 5. Rendering with V-Ray
  • 6. Compositing with Nuke
  • 7. 3D Animation Architectural Visualization Portfolio
  • 8. Case Study
  • 9. Modeling with Maya
  • 10. Modeling with Z Brush
  • 11. Texturing with Maya
  • 12. Rigging with Maya
  • 13. Character Animation with Maya
  • 14. Lighting & Rendering with Maya
  • 15. Rendering with Maya
  • 16. Creative Portfolio Demo Reel


Animation Industry

The Indian Animation industry covers both 2D & 3D Animation and is gaining progress at an unbelievable growth, It Cover All fields such as Television, Film, Advertise Media, etc.

Career Opportunities:

3D Modellers, Rigging Artists, Lighting Artists, Texturing Artists, 3D Character Animators, Rendering Artists, 2D Animators, Layout Artists, Matte Paint, Artists, Compositors and Visual Effects Artists

Flim Production

The Film Industry is the Oldest and the Largest Segment of Entertainment Industry. The Studios provide most films with Animation and VFx visual to be cost-effective for Production.

Career Opportunities:

3D Modellers, Rigging Artists, Lighting & Texturing Artists, Rendering Artists, 3D Character Animators, Matte Paint Artists, Compositors And Visual Effects Artists