Softwares Covered
{Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop Extended,
Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premier Pro, FCP,
DSLR/Video Camera, Adobe Audition, Adobe After Effects.}

Star Program / Production & Film Making

Duration: 12 Months

Star Program will expose students to the art of filmmaking through the practical application of making a film. Grouped in teams, students will workshop, organize, shoot and edit a short documentary film. Students will be exposed to various professionals in the field who will help guide them through the concept, pre-production and post-production phases of documentary & Feature Filmmaking.

Course Coverage :

  • 1. Conceptualize an idea
  • 2. Understand the theory of video production
  • 3. Multi-camera studio production
  • 4. Video field
  • 5. Methods to shoot video
  • 6. Evaluate theories
  • 7. Introduction to TV/Film Production
  • 8. Nature of film
  • 9. Roles of crew in TV/Film Production
  • 10. Pre-Production: from concept to script to
    location hunting
  • 11. Production Techniques (The Camera)
  • 12. Production
  • 13. Lighting
  • 14. Post Production
  • 15. Theorizing Film and Television
  • 16. Fiction Films Making
  • 17. Documentary Films Making
  • 18. Advertise Making
  • 19. Portfolio


Film Production

The Film Industry is the Oldest and the Largest Segment of Entertainment Industry. The Studios provide most films with Animation and VFx visual to be cost-effective for Production.

Career Opportunities:

3D Modellers, Rigging Artists, Lighting & Texturing Artists, Rendering Artists, 3D Character Animators, Matte Paint Artists, Compositors And Visual Effects Artists

Television Production

The Television Production is one of the largest producers in the Media & Entertainment industry.

Career Opportunities:

Video Editors, Promo Designers, Channel Packaging Artists, 3D Graphic Artists and 3D Animators