Welcome to the start of exam season. A season where students are on the verge of taking an important step in the right direction towards a glorious career.
But it also brings worries, confusion in making the right decision, parents pressure which brings to a point where proper and unbiased guidance is important to choose the right path. Since this is the exam season, I have been receiving many queries and request for counselling and guidance regarding careers but as you all know that just as a Doctor cannot give you a proper medication prior observation, similarly career cannot be determined without proper discussions as your career should be based on your strong points and weakness. Lately, I have come across some sites which guide students based on the perception of their counsellor and not based on the students’ weakness and strength.
Some of the queries are:-
1) My child has fewer marks in school/college what would be the best career option for him?
2) We hear about creative industries and digital industries. What are these? Is there any scope in these industries?
3) My child is good in school and college but does he need any extra skill in this competitive world?
4) After 12th other than engineering which field has a future scope and what should I study for them?
5) I am in 12th right know what to do after boards? Which course to take and from where and how to get admission?
First, let me solve the query of parents who are confused about the strength and weakness of their children.
A very simple way is to judge the students based on their school subjects marks or you can also take the help of DMIT test to understand the way the student can be judged. Let me elaborate on it.

For example:-
1) If a student is good in history then the student might be good at imagination and visualization as its learning is all based on imagination and visualization. And there are areas which can suit their interest such as Architecture, designing etc.
2) If he is good is languages he might have a bright future in content writing, blog writing, scriptwriting, journalism etc.

There are various ways which can be used to judge the options available for more guidance as it is a very subjective matter and long details are required to take the right decision.
But another question that is of paramount importance after this decision is that are there any extra skills that are needed or a college degree is enough? If yes how do I know which skills are required? For details, you can visit our blog on Feedback on BMM in case if you have any doubts regarding the required skills or CREATIVE SKILLS REQUIRED FOR INDUSTRIES

Let me highlight some industries which are booming and which are the most preferred destination for creative or skill-oriented people. Which does not recruit based on marks or entrance exam? For more details go through the link.

1) Print and Advertising Industry:
An industry which fits in every domain and which is required in every business From traditional marketing line to the newspaper to banners to posters to outdoor marketing, printing press stationery etc. Every industry requires experts in this field. Today even people pursuing MBA in Marketing requires these skills which are used for sales presentation etc.
Job Profile:-Graphic designer, illustrator, visualization, Motion graphic, logo designer, 2D and 3D animation, brand manager, DTP operator etc.

2) Web Media:
This industry is the highest job oriented because it’s needed for every industry whether it be Website, Digital Marketing, Database Management and Digital Platform for Movies, Social Media or APPS related Business, E-commerce etc. There are skills requires to fit in this industry.
Job Profile:- web designer, graphic designer, web development, software testing and development, marketing executing, data analysts etc.

3) Television Industry:
It is today’s one of the most happening industry where content is coming up in the form of short storytelling to Web series including channel serials to reality shows. Live shooting is the need of the hour which might include a range of platforms from Ads to WhatsApp videos, from TikTok to editing. An abundance of career options is available in this industry.
Job Profile:-Media intern, DFX supervisor, cameraman, publicity coordinator, video editor, promo designer, channel packaging artist, lightening and texture artist.

4) Gaming industry:
In the last few years, it has witnessed considerable economic growth. This industry normally involved in the development, marketing, and monetization of video games. It encompasses dozens of job disciplines and its parts employ thousands of people worldwide.
Job Profile: – game tester, game designer, animators, 3D game artist, graphic artist, 3D character animator etc.

5) Film production:
One of the oldest and largest segments of the entertainment industry is the film industry. Film or motion animation industry compromise commercial and technical of film making. The studio provides most films with animation and VFX visual to be cost-effective production. This industry has the highest job opportunities.
Job Profile: – Assistant director, videographer, film director, producer, creative Dubbing, film colourization artist, cameraman, subtitle, audiovisual editor etc.

Now that you are aware of the sectors which have lubricative careers and which are best suitable to you, let us take a step ahead in the next blog and help you in selecting various criteria which will help in selecting the best institute for taking the right step towards your career.

In case if you require more specific guidance we can have a ONE TO ONE session at our Borivali Centre for free guidance or You can reach me on bhaven.shah@academyofdigitalarts.com

Bhaven Shah
CEO Founder
(Academy of Digital Arts)

The above-mentioned views are personal and do not represent the views of any entity I have been or will be affiliated with.