In continuation of the previous blog, now that you have selected the sector in which you want to make a career, let us discuss how to select the right course and the right computer institution.

1) There are many computer institutes in the market which are run by various corporate houses who are listed on the stock exchanges. When you look through the lens, you can analyze that the courses which they sell are not based on the requirement of students but as per the needs of the target given to the counsellor so that they can generate more sales, as per the requirement of the company.

2) The ideal way is to take a short career course which would teach a few software related to one particular industry and if the need and interest arises, keep on upgrading as per the interest and not the selected course as offered by the counsellor which is based on sales criteria of the corporate unless the counsellor finds the course necessary for job placements.

3) Secondly, the size of the centre should not be the criteria for institute selection. Unless the centre has good academic training record, the size of the centre should not be a criterion but the quality of academics and placement is more important.

4) Thirdly in the creative industry, the level of skills and knowledge of the software is more important than any certification. By no means, I am saying that certification is not important but knowledge provided by the industry experts or faculties is more helpful in getting jobs. Also, International certifications from companies like Google, Adobe and Microsoft are above local certifications and are free, as in case of Google, or adequately charged and will get us ahead in getting the interview cleared.

5) Finally, selecting an institute based on its good academic record and who understands your needs rather than asking you to fit in their product is mandatory. Customize a product as per your requirements and give it to you at the best possible fees and not overcharging due to their additional expenses or selling extra courses that are not required.

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Bhaven Shah

CEO Founder
(Academy of Digital Arts)

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