A profession can be challenging if we are well equipped to take up the challenge. We all like to excel in what we do. Our performance level must be at its best for substantial results. Is this an easy task? Certainly not. Why so? Obviously, we need to have requisite skills to perform well. A person who is not well equipped in skills will turn out to be poor performer.

A prospective employer always would prefer an employee who is well qualified and possesses the necessary skills to perform the job well. Apart from having an academic qualification it is also necessary to have the required skills for the job on hand.

Why skills should be updated?

It is essential to update one’s skills as the technology is constantly changing and one has to perform innumerable tasks on a modernized scale. Several companies impart regular training to their employees to ensure that they know the latest work techniques.

Even in Government held posts, employees undergo regular training on and off in order to become aware of the latest work operations. The employee should not lag behind in this competitive world due to lack of latest skill know-how.

Why skills are important?

The job market is thoroughly professional. Most professions require certain skills. The desk oriented jobs are not so popular. Those who are career minded would like to acquire certain specialized skills in order to earn well and also excel. A mere engineering degree is not sufficient these days. Many students also prefer to do their MBA. They want to specialize further so that their earning capacity increases.

A nurse for instance has specialized skills. Only she can perform the job. Similarly, doctors are also trained. Only they with their special knowledge and skills can perform a complicated operation. A layman cannot handle such a job.

With growing modernization and a specialized job market skills are very essential. At school level it self children are now becoming aware of the requirements of the ever changing job market.